Planning teacher training…

emily and sofi meditating on how to best serve you.

Sofi and I have been busy planning the curriculum for the Laughing River Yoga 200 hour teacher training that begins in January.  I enjoy having a friend and colleague with whom I can discuss the depths of yoga.  I feel inspired, challenged, and motivated by our conversations.  The arching theme for our training will be the koshas, or sheaths, which are the five bodies that make up each of our bodies.  It is a whole body approach that takes into consideration our physical bodies, our energy, our mind and emotions, and a desire to know what lives at our deepest core.  This is going to be an amazing and nourishing experience for each of us.  Sofi and I are excited to present all that we have learned in our collective 37 years of yoga practice and 25 years of teaching!  Learn more about it here.

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