Workshops, Class Series & Retreats

All workshops, series and trainings led by Emily are held at Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, VT.
Restorative Yoga, April 27 6-8 pm Laughing River Yoga Restorative Yoga is a gentle, therapeutic practice that allows the body to open at it’s own pace.  Using props for support, we hold poses for a long time without effort or force.  This allows the body to relax deeply while the mind rests.  You will leave with an expanded awareness of your body’s unique holding patterns.  $22 each.  Register here.
Breath, Bandhas and the Subtle Body, May 18, 9 am-12 pm Laughing River Yoga The yogis understand that our bodies are not just physical.  Yes, the outer most layer of our bodies, the annamaya kosha, is physical.  It is made up of our bones, skin, muscles, and tissues.  It is the food body, our most gross layer.  Yet underneath this gross layer there lies a subtle layer made up of breath and energy.  Our physical body can be likened to a container which holds energy.  When we work with our physical bodies in the asanas we also work with the layer of our more subtle, or energetic body.  This subtle body is effected by our asana and pranayama practice as well as our thoughts and emotions.In this workshop you will learn the anatomy of bandhas and how to use breath and bandhas to access and understand the subtle body.  Once you develop a relationship with  the subtle body through asana practice, you become more open to receive its intelligence.  You will begin to recognize how your thoughts and actions either contribute to the flow of energy within or work to constrict it.  With much practice, you can live in a way that contributes to the free flow of energy within, where you feel alive, connected and whole. Register here.
200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training  September 2014-May 2015/January-December 2015 at Laughing River Yoga with Emily Garrett and Sofi Dillof.  Learn more here.