Afternoon Light


DEEPEN YOUR teaching.

Inner Work. Outer Change.

3 or 6 month mentorship

For yoga teachers 

Want to be fully invested in the growth of your students, without losing yourself in the process? 

Do you notice self-criticism holding you back?

Is your mood dependent on how your students react to the class you taught? 

Feel inspired to teach something that you love but fear of what others will think is holding you back? 

Want to learn more about anatomy? 

Do you feel like you are performing and getting tired of it?

To be a yoga teacher is to be both vulnerable and courageous.  It is best done from a place of service.  The world needs you!


The time is ripe to bring a depth and awareness to your life that will move you closer to who you are wanting to become.


Learn to truly enjoy teaching, facilitate healing on an exponential level and guide your students toward their fullest potential.

Clarify what you are here to do and how you're meant to serve. Learn how to fine tune your personal practice, perfect your assists, develop your business, build your student base, strengthen your mindset, and challenge yourself physically. All in your authentic way.   


The personal attention you receive in this program is worth a year of yoga intensives.


What will I receive?

  • A clear understanding of your unique gifts as a teacher and how best to offer them so that your teaching can remain authentic to who you are.

  • A powerful daily practice that will inform how and what you teach.

  • An increased confidence in yourself and your teaching that will allow you to teach from a place of integrity.

  • A tool kit that will support you in attending to your relationships with your students so that you are open to learn from the rewarding and challenging situations that inevitably arise.

  • Gain more confidence around how, when and why to assist so that you can truly serve the individual needs of each student.

  • Cultivate radical compassion that will allow you to experience more joy in your teaching.

  • More clarity on life goals that will lead to taking the risks you want and need to grow.

  • Know how to honor your teachers and the teachings to prevent cultural appropriation and maintain a connection to the roots of yoga.

  • Recognize how you teach can create more equity and inclusivity in yoga spaces. 

  • Step into your leadership as a yoga teacher so that you can deepen your impact in your community and the world.


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