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Inner Work. Outer Change.

3 or 6 month mentorship

Are you feeling the call to step into your power, own your voice, and stand up for what you believe in?

Have you been practicing yoga for a while but you feel stuck?

Are you noticing where your life feels out of alignment and you want to create positive change but you are not sure where to begin?   

If you notice that you are hitting walls, it means that you are progressing.  It may get messier before it gets better, but that is how real, lasting change works.

In this mentorship, you will bring a depth and awareness to your life that will guide you to step into who you are wanting to become.  Through the lens of yoga, we will shine a light on the areas that have been keeping you stuck and step into your capacity for growth.


You will develop a relationship with a teacher that will encourage you to look at yourself with honesty, compassion, and courage.


Through authentic understanding of where you are now, you can apply the tools and techniques you have developed on your mat into your life.


How does it work?

  • First we will look at your home practice, and fine tune it so that it meets your individual needs. This will help you to deepen your practice and see progress week after week, even in between our sessions.

  • We will look at your daily habits and routines to recognize patterns that both serve and do not serve you.

  • Fine tune your alignment through focused attention, feedback and assists that create balance in the body.

  • Learn yogic philosophy and practice weaving this into the way you show up in the world so that you can act from a more informed, easeful place. This will better your relationships, your career, and lessen feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

  • Strengthen inner alignment through dialogue and practices which will allow you to make decisions with more clarity.

  • Build an internal tool kit that will build your capacity to move through the challenging life situations that inevitably arise.

  • Learn to recognize your unique gifts so that you can share them with the world.

  • Participate in a personalized one-day meditation retreat to go deeply within and clarify your vision.

  • Integrate all of this into the daily actions of your life so that you can fully step into your potential.


Schedule a FREE Align Phone Consult to explore if this journey is right for you.

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