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I met Emily for the first time ten years ago as a tenant of hers before I had even found the practice of yoga. From day one she struck me as very different. Possessing a calm, collected, open-hearted energy that made me immediately want whatever it was she had. A few short years later I entered into my first yoga teacher training with her and today after numerous classes, mentor sessions and over 500 hours of training I am still returning time and time again to a teacher who just keeps giving and growing to her students. Emily is as embodied in her practice and her teachings as a person can be. She shows up for her students consistently and guides with a clear vision of each person's highest possible potential. Emily has been one of the most important influences in my life and I have her to credit for the incredible amount of growth and healing I have moved through in the past decade. From a scared, closed, contracted, traumatized young woman to a being who has and continues to step into her full potential as community leader. I cannot suggest working with Emily enough.

If you are ready to go deep with someone who makes the tough work feel incredibly safe, Emily is the teacher for you.

- Lo S.


One to one sessions with Emily marked a turning point in my life. Through her respectful, steady, and dedicated presence, Emily guided me to my body's wisdom during a long period of deep healing. She challenged me to dive way beneath what is comfortable to discover that all of me is welcome in the process of becoming whole. Private sessions with Emily are an investment in you and your well being and the benefits will undoubtedly ripple out into all circles of your life.

- Kate F.


In working with Emily, I gained the understanding that if I am to extend out into the world from a place of love and authenticity, I must first know myself on a deep level. I learned how to find home within myself, listen to my body and respond with kindness, and developed the tools to integrate these as lifelong practices.

I was so desperately looking for the truth, to stop turning away from my pain.

Emily taught me to journey into pain with curiosity and fearlessness - that this process is vital to expanding our capacity for joy and connection. The work we did together seeded in me a boundless intention: to move through the world with an open and tender heart, dedicate myself to the practices that allow me to do so, and offer that out to others. 

Emily has always made me feel safe, supported, and wholly understood. She will meet you where you are and wherever you are willing to go, to the outer reaches of yourself, beyond what you knew was possible to feel, to discover new ways of being.

The intricacy of Emily’s intelligence and intuition is singular, an expression of a long time spent exploring the depths and the vastness of our shared humanity. I trust in her vision for all that we have the potential of becoming - active and enthusiastic participants in our unique evolution.  I absolutely recommend working with Emily. Go out there; come back to yourself, again and again. 

- Lily C.


Emily is a rare person, teacher, and mentor. She has a great depth of knowledge and years of practice and teaching in the fields of yoga and meditation. She has a fierce willingness to be present, and understands the importance of meeting whatever is arising for an individual with a warm curiosity, compassion, humor, and yes, love. Emily is a natural, intuitive healer, as she creates a container of safety, respect, and healthy boundaries, so that students, mentees, or clients can make conscious choices regarding their own intentions for growth, discovery, and healing. It has been deeply enriching and healing to have studied yoga with Emily for years and to have recently completed a Deepen Your Practice, Deepen Your Teacher mentorship.

- Deb S.

I came to the process looking for, and found, emotional support, the feeling of being less alone in my journey, an established yoga and meditation practice, laughter, increased flexibility (literally and figuratively), and space. So many tools! 

Emily is open, gentle, smart, intuitive, caring, knowledgeable, and present.

- Mary H.

IMG_1505 - Mary Hamilton-Homer.jpg

Peg A.

I admire and appreciate the ways Emily shares her wisdom, talents and vulnerability.

She always leaves me with something to ponder. And her laughter...sometimes when I hear her giggling, I have tears in my eyes because it sounds SO sweet!

Deanna P.

I just wanted to say again to you THANK YOU, thank you for all of the wisdom, insight, and room you created for me to find my authentic self over these last 9 months. I entered YTT only 4 months into recovery, and I can honestly say my journey over the last 9 months has both saved me and helped me establish my WHY. Thank you for continuing to support each and every single one of us and creating a space in which is warm, comfortable, and accessible by ALL.

I went in for pelvic pain due to endometriosis. Not only has my pain subsided, with Emily’s safe guidance and knowledge of the mind, body, and soul I was able to open doors and fearlessly look at myself and become friends with the patterns within myself.  At 35, I finally feel like my actual feet are the feet walking on the ground below me. It has been the most freeing experience of my life and to have Emily guide me...I feel very blessed and taking that first scary step was worth all the freedom I feel.

- Jenna S.

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