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Establish a home practice

Make it Personal

three 1-on-1 sessions

Want to learn to do a headstand?

Working to heal persistent low back pain?


  Want to prepare the body to sit more comfortably for meditation practice?

Looking for a home practice specifically designed for your needs that you can take with you anywhere?


Whatever your motivation for practice, let's work together to create a home practice that addresses your goals and is flexible enough to adapt to different needs on different days. Take it with you anywhere!  Through consistent practice, you can change habitual patterns of muscular tension that are stressing your system, constricting your breathing and causing physical pain.  As a result, feel more ease in your body, increased energy, greater clarity of mind, and a generally more optimistic attitude on life.


In just three sessions, Emily will help you create a home practice that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs. First, we will identify your body’s unique needs and personal goals for practice. Then, Emily will observe your breath and posture to help determine your unique patterns and what poses can help to address them.  We will begin small, with a couple poses and breath techniques for you to practice at home. Then, we will fine tune it to finish with a complete and individualized daily practice that you can continue on your own.


Includes; a 30 minute virtual bonus session one week later to ask any questions regarding the practice and tweak or fine tune if necessary.


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