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A Transformational

Journey Through



If you choose to join me on this transformational journey, you will learn how to utilize the tools of yoga when you need them most; in healing, relationships, work, parenting, and decision-making. 

Cultivate skills to deepen your practice, become a leader in your own life and in your community. 


Feel more joy, more love, and an unwavering confidence that allows you to navigate difficult decisions with clarity and life transitions with grace.  


Open to your authentic experience of living this life, in all its shapes and textures. 

Align with the natural dignity that arises when you truly know yourself. 


Take risks necessary for positive change, with vulnerability and confidence.


Know what you are creating and choose accordingly.  


As a natural result, feel inspired to give back, to yourself, your family and your community, from a place of true service. 

Find your voice and develop your unique talents as a yoga teacher so that you can skillfully serve others and LOVE what you do.

flower (1).jpg
Frozen Berries

Regulate the Nervous System

one (or more) private session(s)

Uncover your body's wisdom and access your innate potential for deep healing. 

somatic healing

for all

Enhance your practice.

one private yoga session

Step into new ways of living in the body sure to bring more joy, ease, and health.

yoga tune up


Make it Personal.

three-on-one sessions

In just three sessions together, we will create a home yoga practice that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Take it with you anywhere.

Establish a home practice

Reclaim your Body.

Reclaim your power.

3 month mentorship

Heal the pelvic floor. Tap into your radiant energy, connect with your authentic power, and unlock your capacity for pleasure.

uncoil the serpent

for the pelvic floor


Inner Work. Outer Change.

3 or 6 month mentorship

Bring a depth and awareness to your life that will guide you to step into who you are wanting to become.

deepen your practice. 
deepen your impact.

Not sure where to begin?

No problem. 


Book an Align Phone Call and we can determine which services best meet your needs.

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