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For yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who want to deepen their yoga practice so that it informs and uplifts day-to-day life.
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Have you become more aware of what your heart is calling for but you're afraid to see it through?

Do you feel at peace when you practice but later notice you are swallowed by feelings of unworthiness and self-criticism?

Are you curious to understand more about what yoga is and how you can integrate the experience you have during and after class into other aspects of your life? 

To be a spiritual person does not mean that you feel happy and calm all the time.  It means that you develop the capacity and strength within yourself to be with whatever is arising and to open to the present moment with tenderness.  It means that you recognize that you are part of a larger network of interconnectedness.


Are you ready to experience a sense of wholeness and integration off the mat?  

Navigate inner blocks, develop trust in yourself, and heal your body on a level you may have never imagined possible.  Develop the confidence necessary to make changes that are hard but necessary.  Love yourself even when you mess up.


If you want a mentor who is going to tell you the truth, help empower you to make decisions, and guide you compassionately toward positive change, then consider working with me. 

When we truly know and see ourselves clearly,

the world becomes a mirror and we naturally want to uplift others. 


I am a seeker, teacher, practitioner, yoga teacher trainer, business owner, mother, wife, friend, neighbor, and community member. 


I advocate for healing and presence through teaching yoga classes, mentoring humans, parenting children, and engaging in open hearted, courageous conversation.


Body wisdom and quest for knowledge are, and always have been, the two main drives in my life.  


Through running my own business, raising two children, and teaching and training thousands of yoga students throughout my career, I have experienced what is truly necessary to integrate the spacious, blissed out post yoga feeling with the messy truth of real life.  


I have put my energy and life behind the challenging but rewarding practice of embracing the dualities of yogic theory and day-to-day lived experience.  I am excited to share the tools I have developed over twenty years of teaching and to activate YOU to do the work that will transform you into becoming the leader you want to be in your life.

who I work with


Those who are interested in deepening their understanding of yoga, applying it to everyday situations, and becoming a leader in their family and community, without having to sacrifice who they are at their core. 

I work with yoga teachers who want to enhance their teaching skills, deepen their commitment to their personal practice, and lead from a place of authenticity.

I work with courageous yoga practitioners who want to integrate their yoga practice into their daily life. 

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"Emily has an incredible sense of what you need, and is present with you as you uncover it for yourself. I've cried in her presence on more than one occasion, but never felt ashamed for embodying painful emotions. I felt seen and accepted for who I am. She held me accountable for myself, my students, and everyone I interact with on a daily basis. Much of our work together contributed to finding my place in the world, accepting my struggles, and embracing the discomfort that accompanies doing this work. This experience was deeply meaningful, personal, and transformative. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Emily!" - Grace C.

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