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Fire and Water

It has certainly been a profound summer. The opposing forces of fire and water struggle to find balance in a system that is completely off kilter. As I wish deeply for the earth to find balance, I recognize the value in the wholesome intention to find balance within ourselves. The antidote to the excess violence and aggression in the world is tenderness, vulnerability and heartfelt connection.

It takes courage to open to forces that seem chaotic and unpredictable. The forces that show up in the world and also in ourselves. Yet, as we start to know ourselves more intimately, things become more clear. Truth stands out amidst all the confusion.

Perhaps what I love most about the Laughing River Yoga 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training program is that it creates a space in which we can explore the process of connection, in ourselves and with each other. Together, we take the risk to be vulnerable and develop the capacity to allow for more tenderness in our hearts.

I hope you will consider joining us in our upcoming program and let it be a balm for heart and mind, as well as an inspiration for what is possible in the world.

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