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4 wk Pelvic Floor Yoga course

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I am delighted to share with you a 4-wk course that gives a thorough introduction to Pelvic Floor Yoga. The health of the pelvic floor correlates with so many systems in the body, including the skeletal, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems. When we start to work with the pelvic floor through yoga we begin to stimulate healthy digestion and calm the nervous system.

It is a fascinating area of the body that deserves more of our attention. Learning about the pelvic floor through pelvic floor yoga can improve your breathing capacity, heal low back pain, reduce anxiety, and give you more agency over your health and wellbeing.

In this 4-week series you will (re)learn:

*the anatomy of the pelvic floor

*how to know if you are tight, loose or healthy and which symptoms correlate with what

*asana sequences that target the health of the pelvic floor

*pelvic and diaphragmatic breathing

Try it for yourself. This 4-week series is available for just $49. When you purchase, you will receive a weblink and a passcode that allows you to access the series anytime you want.

For every course purchased, Emily will donate $10 to Steps to End Domestic Violence.

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